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FayeLife Yoga Lounge is about creating transformational experiences.

Each event emphasizes the astrological energies available to us, and may incorporates discussions, writing exercises, guided meditation, and music with the yoga movement practice..

Soundly rooted in anatomical function, each event is designed to work through something specific. These practices teach fluid movement, leave a lot of space for creativity, and set you up for a deeper whole system release while simultaneously building the energy needed to move forward more gracefully, enhancing your life experience.


Private Yoga

Working privately is the best way to excel in your practice quickly. I take each client 



What Yoga is to me


I use Yoga as a facilatator for growth

Yoga and the practice of yoga is many different things. There are times for getting really technical and being extremely mindful in the way you move, other times for flow and exploration. I think the most important thing to remember is that this is ultimately all about change. Change in the body, the mind, and the spirit - which means the way your practice looks will change too. If you learn how your body works physically, if you learn how to move it in the ways it's calling for, then you will develop your own practice that is far more integrated into your life than just what happens on your mat. That's the ultimate goal.



When working individually with clients, I don't limit myself to one form of practice. The Franklin Method, the strength training, the pilates conditioning, the gyrontics experience, and the Hellerwork all come into play when it comes to teaching and tailoring a practice for one person. It's such a joy to empower my clients to move with strength and confidence, at a deepened mind-body awareness, and see how that ripples out to every other aspect of their lives. 



45 min: $110

60 min: $140

80 min: $175


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Cancellations & Refunds

I like to remain with the industry standard which is; Less than 24 hours notice of cancellation and I expect payment in full. Less than 48 hours and you pay a $40 cancellation fee. There are times when you get sick last minute or there is a life emergency and I am a very understanding of that. The idea is that I want equal respect of my time as we make of yours when working together.