Alina Faye
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Alina Faye
Healer and Bodywork Specialist

Move towards more.

All of your life's experiences are represented in your posture, your walk, and how you express yourself.
This work takes a look at your current existence; determining where and why you are stuck, and supplies you with the tools to move towards more.
This detailed process not only corrects posture, eliminates chronic pain, and restores your natural range of motion, but simultaneously addresses the psycho, spiritual and emotional components that manifest within your physical limitations. Profound transformation becomes accessible through the deepened body awareness that develops while receiving the work.



Bodywork is the foundation of the FayeLife experience. Our approach utilizes Hellerwork Structural Integration which is based on the science of reorganizing your connective tissue. This series is not only an investment in realigning your posture and relieving chronic pain; it is a deeply personalized series of sessions that address the physical and emotional patterns hindering your body's ability to move with ease. FayeLife Bodywork completely transforms the relationship you have with your body- deepening the meaning of moving, breathing, and experiencing life. 



At FayeLife, we believe that developing a strong mind-body connection should be accessible to everyone.  That's why we've developed classes that build strength, flexibility, and body awareness in ways that are easily implemented into your everyday life. By layering aspects of Yoga, Ballet and Anatomy training, we build powerful and deliberate movement. Our goal is to help you integrate conscious movement while walking down the street, in line at the grocery store, or getting into your car. What is your body telling you- and what do you want to tell the world? Your body is a wealth of knowledge. FayeLife Movement classes teach you how to interpret that information and deliver it with confidence. 



Through meditation you can discover tranquility that exists within the body and in the space between your thoughts. FayeLife Meditation means retreating inward and finding ease in your anatomy. Our meditation sessions deepen mind-body awareness and offer helpful techniques that are accessible and easily applied in a self-guided practice. We want to enhance your connection with your body through meditation.


Alina's Story

My story starts in Long Beach California. Born into the world moving, my mother always said I was a dancer.  By the time I was three years old I was begging to join my older sister in ballet class. And that’s where my love for movement truly began. The precision, delicateness and ethereal qualities spoke to everything I wanted the world to be - safe, joyous and expressive.  Everything that I did was for movement. I recall sitting alongside my mother, a massage therapist, as she studied-intently absorbing the anatomy/physiology lessons. I wanted nothing more than to enhance my technical skills and understand my body better.

By the time I was sixteen years old I was scouted and offered a contract with American Ballet Theatre in New York City - a life long dream come true.  My mind whirling with excitement and filled with dreams, I was eager to grow, inspire and share my joy of dancing with the world. While grappling with my new environment as a teenager, the harsh actuality of this new career began to reveal itself. Toxic behavior, and an unattainable demand for physical ‘perfection’ was slowly making me fearful to express myself at all. Each rigid rehearsal became more unbearable, and I felt myself starting to resent the movement that I, not long ago, was certain was my life calling. I was finding that the safety I had cultivated within my body was slipping between my fingertips.

Only four years into what i had perceived to be the “dream job” and I was longing for freedom. Still, Ballet had been all that I’d known- where would i go? Who would i become? Eventually, the fear of continuing on a path so obviously wrong for me became much more terrifying than the fear of the unknown. Finally the day came when I had had enough. An inner strength emerged and I boldly walked away from my contract with ABT.

My next step was redefining who I was. What began as a journey of self reflection quickly evolved into a new understanding of what movement could be.  This evolution stemmed from the gift of a Hellerwork Session. Shedding the layers of stress, tension, and imbalance, this form of structural integration re-educates the mind body system. I was re-learning how to move my body through space in a way that not only healed and supported me, but also expressed my authentic self. It was a freedom I embraced. Once I experienced Hellerwork, I knew that everything would be different. I started to understand that through movement you can make true, and lasting changes in the way you perceive and experience the world and your life. I became a licensed Hellerwork practitioner and have been sharing this beautiful series with the world for 11 years.

Movement is life. It is my heart felt passion to help you discover liberation within your movement. Your body is the most essential tool for understanding everything you need to know in this lifetime. When you're moving consciously and deliberately, your energy ripples out into the world and makes a difference.

 ...the added bonus is that you feel absolutely amazing doing it.

The way you move your body, is the way you move through life. Let us guide you down a path of self assurance.
— Alina Faye, Founder